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The Howell’s Team


The Howell’s team is pleased to offer our community with a of wealth of knowledge in the archery, firearms, sporting and personal protection world. Our mission is to offer our community a family friendly, welcoming and safe resource to invest in guns, gear and knowledge. Together we are dedicated to keeping Maine’s sporting traditions alive and ourselves, our homes and our communities safe.

CEO - Adam Copp

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Director of Training - Tatiana Whitlock

Tatiana Whitlock is a mother of two, nationally recognized firearms instructor and SME writer for a variety of firearms related…
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Debby Schilling

Debby Schilling is an NRA Training Counselor, avid outdoors-woman, hunter and educator. She has been the director of numerous NRA…
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Sean Krier

Sean Krier is the range safety officer and staff instructor here at Howell’s. He spent four years as an explosives…
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Tammy Acker

Tammy Acker retired from a successful career in nursing in 2013. Her career began as a critical care nurse, expanded…
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