Tammy Acker retired from a successful career in nursing in 2013. Her career began as a critical care nurse, expanded to a Medical Legal Nurse Paralegal and culminated as a clinical nursing instructor at a local community college which she still does on a part time basis. Tammy has extensive exposure to the firearm industry on the manufacturing and design through a family owned business. She enrolled in her first handgun class in 2011 and was instantly captivated by how relaxing yet empowering the experience was for her. She continued training in various handgun disciplines and ultimately obtained her NRA certification as a Pistol Instructor as well as Range Safety Officer. She has experience teaching NRA pistol classes at Scarborough Fish & Game as well as teaching beginner and advanced tactical handgun in the private sector. Additionally and of particular pride to Tammy, she has taught numerous all women's handgun classes, a group she enjoys immensely. Tammy is particularly interested interested in working to develop safe shooters from the ground up with an emphasis on solid basic fundamental shooting skills.