TypeOnsite Course

Howell’s Youth Rimfire League : Level 2 

A 6-week instructional series for youth rimfire rifle shooters whom have completed our Level 1 program. Building upon the foundational skill sets from Level 1 we take your child to the next level in both skill and firearms safety knowledge. Students will learn shooting from various shooting positions, rifle ready positions, sling utilization, rifle maintenance and cleaning, shooting on the move, some American history and a whole lot more!

Child and Mentor (Parent or Guardian) paired teams learn together the basic skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for the safe and proper use of .22 LR rimfire rifles in target shooting. Our goal is to develop young men and women into safe and knowledgable firearms owners and bring families together through one of our Nations greatest pastimes, the shooting sports.

Make memories with your child while you share this fun and structured learning experience at the shooting range!

PROGRAM: 6 consecutive weeks, 2 hour sessions
AGES: Children ages 6 to18 (unless otherwise pre-approved), Mentors age 21 to 99
PPE PACKAGE: $20 includes Howell’s Eye & Hearing Protection
RENTALS: Rimfire rifles @ $10 per lesson
MAX TEAMS: Limited to seven (7) teams per program session


  • .22lr Rimfire Rifle (available for rent), two point sling, 50 rounds of ammo per class
  • Eye protection, hearing protection, high collared shirt, long pants, closed toe shoes, brimmed ball caps optional
  • Students must be accompanied by their Mentor for each event. No student may shoot without their Mentor actively participating in the Lesson.
  • Students & Mentors must complete safety waiver and adhere to the range rules at all times.


06/7/2018 5:30pm – 7:30pm HYL – Level 2
09/20/2017 5:30pm – 7:30pm HYL – Level 2